Our Thursday 7:00pm meeting is a discussion meeting with topics relevant to
newcomers and about the AA Program. Near the beginning of the meeting, each participant is given an opportunity to ask a question or to suggest one from the topic list below.


  1. How do I know I am an alcoholic?
  2. How is our drinking different from ‘normal’ drinkers?
  3. What does it feel like to have a craving for more after the first drink?
  4. What have we lost because of our drinking?
  5. How did our drinking affect other people?
  6. What lies did we tell about our drinking?
  7. How did our drinking make us isolate from others?
  8. When did we realise we had lost control of our drinking?
  9. What was the last straw that made us decide to stop drinking?
  10. What is our experience of the alcoholic cycle?


  1. Why do we need abstinence?
  2. How did we initially stop drinking?
  3. What was our experience of the first 10 days sober?
  4. What medical or other help did we need to stop drinking?
  5. In early days, how did we cope with the urge to drink?
  6. What is our experience with aches and pains, sleeplessness, or other physical symptoms in early sobriety?
  7. What is our experience of returning to AA after a relapse?
  8. How do we explain to other people why we decided not to drink?
  9. How do we handle parties and other social events in early sobriety?
  10. How have we managed big changes in early sobriety?
  11. How many meetings do we need?

Step One

  1. What made us admit defeat?
  2. What were the consequences of our craving for alcohol?
  3. How were we obsessed with alcohol?
  4. What is an example of having ‘no defence against the first drink’?
  5. What do we identify with when listening to other members?
  6. What does it mean to be ‘powerless over alcohol’?
  7. How did drinking make our lives unmanageable?
  8. Why is honesty important to our sobriety?
  9. How did we take Step One?


  1. When did we find hope?
  2. What have we learnt from other members?
  3. How does the program work?
  4. Why do we need a Higher Power?
  5. Where do we find courage?
  6. What do we pray for?
  7. Where do we find inspiration to stay sober?
  8. How did we stop relapsing?
  9. What does AA promise?

Step Two

  1. How did we overcome prejudice against spiritual ideas?
  2. How did we choose our own conception of God?
  3. What’s it like to be ‘restored to sanity’?
  4. How did we ‘come to believe’ we could recover?
  5. How does the program work for people who are atheist or agnostic?
  6. What is a ‘spiritual awakening’?
  7. How did we take Step Two?

The Program

  1. How did we learn about the 12 Steps?
  2. When were we ready to take the Steps?
  3. What made us balk at taking the Steps?
  4. What does an AA sponsor do?
  5. How do we choose a sponsor?

Step Three

  1. How do we become willing?
  2. What are we deciding to do when we take Step Three?
  3. What does the Third Step prayer mean to us?
  4. How do we turn our wills and our lives over to God as we understand Him?
  5. How did we take Step Three?

Action Steps

  1. Why is inventory necessary?
  2. When did we start Step Four?
  3. How did we take Step Four?
  4. How do we ensure our Fourth Step is fearless and thorough?
  5. How are resentments dangerous?
  6. What did we learn about ourselves from Step Four?
  7. How did we choose someone to hear our inventory in the Fifth Step?
  8. How did we take Step Five?
  9. How did we become willing to change?
  10. What defects of character did we hesitate to give up in Step Six?
  11. How did we take Step Seven?
  12. How do we become less selfish?
  13. What’s so great about humility?
  14. How did we become willing to make amends?
  15. How did we take Step Eight?
  16. What are some examples of amends we can’t or shouldn’t make?
  17. How do we take Step Nine?
  18. How have we made financial amends?
  19. How have we made amends to our loved ones?
  20. How do we continue to take inventory in Step Ten?
  21. What meditation routines do we use in Step Eleven?
  22. How can we help others?
  23. How do we ‘carry the message’ in Step Twelve?


  1. Why is anonymity important?
  2. Why do we go to meetings?
  3. How do we get involved in service?
  4. What is a Home Group and how do we choose one?
  5. How has AA service helped our sobriety?
  6. How is the AA fellowship structured?
  7. What do we tell others about AA?
  8. What have we learned from the Big Book?
  9. What AA Literature have we found useful?
  10. What strength do we find in the Serenity Prayer?


  1. What do we need to do to stay sober?
  2. What is the greatest danger to our sobriety?
  3. How do we keep the program simple?
  4. How do we live one day at a time?
  5. How do we deal with people who don’t understand and want us to drink?
  6. What is our experience of staying sober while on holiday or travelling?
  7. What do we tell other people about our alcoholism?
  8. What have we been able to achieve in our sobriety?
  9. How have we changed since we started to work the program?
  10. How have our lives and our relationships improved?
  11. What’s the best thing about being sober this week?

Meeting Question List pdf